Movie star poise: Whisper Catcher author, Andy Rice

Last week, our real life hero, author, Andy Rice joined family and friends for an intimate book signing at Grand Days in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. The book? The first in a series of five signed by publisher, New Australian Writers, titled The Whisper Catcher.

To kick off proceedings, Andy was introduced by his wife; the gorgeous Kate Blakk, “I’m so proud of him. This project has taken years and a lot of heart.” And then with pride Kate added, “I really liked reading the book… because Andy is such a visual thinker, the story comes alive with pictures in your minds eye, just as if in a movie.”

Then it was Andy’s turn to speak.

He first thanked the traditional owners in ‘Welcome to Country’ talking about his motivation for writing historical fiction; to highlight Australia’s indigenous dreamtime storytellers and their stories. Andy said, “so often in Australia, we talk about the plight of our contemporary indigenous people.” Andy went on to explain,”It seems to me we forget to talk about the dreamtime: I see it in Technicolor VR wonder.”

He then read the first chapter of The Whisper Catcher which concluded in a warm applause. (And a bark of agreement from the Rice’s Hungarian Puli, Dashiell Hendricks.)

Later, over drinks, Andy owned up to some nerves, “I was genuinely nervous, being in front of the people I care so much about. They are like one big family to me. Now the first book in the series is printed, it feels a bit like I’ve invited other people into our family. Naturally, I want my real life daughter and wife to like The Whisper Catcher characters as much as I do.”

Rice laughed, “after all, amongst other things, they have to put up with me tripping around early in the morning to get to my keyboard.”

Andy concluded ambitiously, “Following, tonights signing at Grand Days, it (the book) suddenly felt very real… almost as if Alicia McCann, The Whisper Catcher and The Thief have come to life. I can almost see them walking with me as if I was in a Hollywood movie…”

Words by Francis

Dates for the Melbourne and Adelaide launch of The Whisper Catcher are still to be announced.
Pre-launch sales are available direct from the publisher at New Australian Writers.

On behalf of Andy and his family, thanks to our very good friends at Grand Days. You really are the best.
Also, thanks to Five O'Clock Somewhere for getting your wonderful McLaren Vale wine to us.

Dashiell, the Hungarian Puli, posts on instagram @Dashiell_Hendricks


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