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  • “I have no idea what fuels Andy Rice’s imagination. This trans-Pacific (Australia, USA) tale is a cracker! The Whisper Catcher is filled with great characters. The writing is simple and yet beautifully fluent. I can see it turning into a very interesting TV show already. TV producers out there, start bidding now! (Apparently, there are going to be more books in the series? Great!)”

    What they say on AMAZON
    James, AMAZON
  • “A tale of magic, truth, history, and friendship, The Whisper Catcher spans across time and across cultures. The story, which incorporates elements of Indigenous Australian culture, proves a refreshing and enlightening read.”

    What they say on Goodreads
    Courtney, Melbourne, Australia
  • “(I always buy books) and turned to my niece (13 yrs old) for advice. She suggested this book… I loved it!”

    What they say on Goodreads
    Maxi Taxi, Goodreads
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