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​The Whisper Catcher is a Young adult fiction/fantasy novel written by Australian author Andy Rice. It was published by Wipf Stock Publishers in the United States and by New Australian Authors in Australia, September 2016. In summer 2022, The Whisper Catcher was recorded and published as an audiobook on audible. It is the first book in a five-part series. Book two of the series, The Doppelgänger, was announced in a blog post made by the author on 24 May 2017, there is no current release date.


The Whisper Catcher has been well-received among audiences. It has received 5 stars on Amazon, 4.83 stars on Goodreads, and 4.5 stars on the Amazon Kindle store.

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When Alicia McCann has a horrible accident, she is visited by a mysterious and powerful spirit girl called the Whisper Catcher.

But the Whisper Catcher's powers are waning. And, she needs help. This strange encounter may help Alicia too. ​​


But first, Alicia must undertake a strange and terrifying journey to the depths of the Australian outback, where secrets await unlike any she could imagine.​

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